Paws & Claws Readings

By Stern Hatcher

Pet Reader/Psychic  *  737-230-8686  *

About Me

I'm an animal lover and pet owner/rescuer who is comfortable communicating with all sorts of pets including cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, birds, snakes, and lizards. Back in 1999, I found my birth family and a part of myself I didn't understand. After years of study, practice, growth, and learning... 

I can communicate with your pets!

 Some pets seek understanding, some wish to be heard, and some have experienced a difficult past and need help overcoming fear. Some may have medical issues and may be near their transition. 

I listen, see the images they send, feel their emotions, and translate their needs or desires. Call or email to set up an appointment. 737-230-8686 or


* Services available by appointment

Call or email to discuss available times.

 My visits are usually completed in your home ... or at an appropriate place where your pet feels safe and comfortable.

Readings can be arranged online or from a cell phone, depending on availability. 

 Phone: 737-230-8686 ... Please leave a message!


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Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. If your animal is sick or injured, please take them to your vet or an emergency clinic. 

Missing Pets...I do not work with missing animals. If you have lost your pet, contact your local animal shelters and rescue agencies. Give them a picture and detailed description, including age, size, sex, and any distinctive traits. Make color fliers if you can, and hand them out to people in the area and post them in the neighborhood. Also, try utilizing the Nextdoor app. Be sure to include several contact phone numbers. Call your veterinarian and get any tag numbers they have listed. If your animal is micro-chipped, call the chip company. Use social media to get the word out about your animal.

 Readings are not to be used in a manner to replace professional, legal, financial, or medical advice. 

 I encouraged clients to ultimately make their own decisions for their highest good and that of their pets.  

Furthermore, readings are subject to one's choice on whether the reading resonates.

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